Meet the Tart

Welcome to the Silly Tart virtual kitchen!

This infamous tart baking tart is embarking on a new age of publicity. After a lot of procrastibaking and long deliberating process – although mostly it is the procrastibaking thing – I decided to embrace my new life of double tapping fabulous food pics on Instagram.

I own a catering and small baking business and I am planning on turning this into my baking portfolio, so to speak. I am going to document my adventure in mastering the art of baking. Learning, discovering, experimenting with new and exciting recipes from masters all across the globe and share it with you.

Now, the name.

Silly Tart.

It all started when one of my partner commented on one of my tart “is this about a tart baking a tart or two?” and I was like “Did you just call a ‘Tart’?” and guess what he said?! “If the cap fits, wear it!” and I thought to myself “That is actually not bad. I am totally a tart!” Hence, the name – the Silly Tart – the ‘Silly’ is just, you know, self-explanatory. Hahahaha!

Anyhoo, enjoy!

Hopefully, I can share my baking experience and knowledge with you guys.


Ella, the Silly Tart.


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