Peanut Brittle

At some point, I can be very lazy to the point where I really do not want to do anything other than sit down in front of my computer, do a Friends marathon and just gobbling up on some yummy snacks.

One of my favourite thing to make is Peanut Brittle. This succulent, creamy, nutty candy is the best thing to suck on.


Le Petit Brioche à la Cannelle.

Basically a glorified cinnamon rolls. I love baking one of these. It is sweet and fragrant with tons of plumpy rum soaked dried fruits that just takes these into a whole other level.

I am using an enriched dough just because I love the softness of the crumbs. I have to admit, I use this type of dough a lot in my baking and it does a little time consuming but it is worth it.

Garlic Bread Sticks.

Crunchy and snappy bread stick that smell and taste of heaven. Well, it smells of garlic and cheese, but you know, same difference.

With a short crust pasty base, with extra butter infused with garlic, Cheddar and doing onions to incorporate the heavenly flavour.

Cut and twist, baked to perfection. And let me tell you, when you opened that oven door, Olala! The smell of garlic and butter… Just… Hmmm…

Spicy Spring Onions Quiche.

A tea time treat that breaks the boredom of having something sweet. Instead, I offer something savoury to refresh your palate, so to speak.

A short and crumbly tart with creamy egg filling enriched with the sweetness of spring onions and red onions. Not to mention how the garlic and chili just bring the whole thing to an entirely new level of goodness. Topped with a dollop of grated cheddar to finish the whole thing, just really make these one of the naughtiest bit you will ever put in your mouth.

Procrastibaking. Yes, it’s a Thing!

Procrastibaking. It is a thing, okay? Just…

It is that thing that you do when you got tons of stuff to do yet you end up being in the kitchen, baking your arse off.

It is actually a rather fun thing to do. Do you ever get that feeling that when you’re baking, the entire world seems to be in pause? Or a simply moving a little bit slower. This is despite the fact the baking is exhausting and not to mention the pressure we actually put on ourselves to make sure that everything​ we baked come out perfect.

I do not know what it is, but there is just something so amazing about having that perfectly raised loaf or absolutely crisp pastry or fantastically moist cake come out of the oven. And the smell…. Olala!

It is something totally sensual, something passionate, a complete paradox from the effort that it takes.

But the most important thing is that it makes us happy, energized and confident to take on the world.